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    I have the 60-70 pounds limbs. My bow was brought down to 57 pounds when I bought it and I’ve been progressively cranking up the pounds to a now 60-61. I’ve always notice that slight noise coming from the cam and the only way to attenuate it is with the tissue or piece of paper wedged between the string and the cam. On the general archery forum there’s a post called “creed twang” in which a member says that Mathews modified the original serving size and it resolves this issue. It is supposed to be covered under warranty… But i doubt that my dealer will take care of me because they say they don’t ear the buzz…

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    I am dancing in the streets today!  Sold the creed and purchased a like new Switchback XT.  Put a mess of cash back in my pocket and spent 30 minutes tuning and sighting in and have completely silent killing machine!!!! That dog will hunt.  I forgot how good the Switchback was.  All my tight-to-riser centershot, limb cracking, and cam buzz worries are O V E R!!!!  Ruined 2 arrows with the tight groups, but it was worth it.

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    Hey guys ive got some issues with my creed also. After about 10-20 shots it started making the infamous buzz. That didnt really bother me too bad but now the bow rattles when i shoot. I took it back to the dealer and we swapped cams but its still doing the same thing. Is anybody else having this issue and is there anything i can do or am i gonna have to send it off to mathews? Thanks for the help
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    Mines as loud as a firecracker Loudest bow I’ve owned. Hope this issue gets fixed
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    Look at the new Creed XS. Notice the addition of material just inside the out diameter of the cam? The is a logo there. I believe nicklewhat? is right. They changed the frequency of the cam. The XS is quieter that the Creed. Mathews says the cams are interchangeable.
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    I put up a reply in the “cam buzz”post after the Mathews show explaining the different bearing system in the new cam, and available shims for the original one to help. I had a good talk with bob Jenkins about the issue. My suggestion is to get dealer to update creed with new cam if you have issues.
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