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    I purchased my Creed just a couple months ago.  I would’ve shot it more, but I changed out the sight on it after just a few days of shooting it. That took over a month on back order.  So I haven’t had a chance to shoot it much, to say the least.  Today, I was just tuning in a few of the long range pins, and my lower left limb blew up, causing a catastrophic failure. The limb delaminated right where the cam-stop is.  The string came off and I was so upset, that I just put it back in the bow box, I couldn’t even concentrate enough to see if there was any other damage. I understand that things happen and not every product can be perfect, but you never think that it is going to happen to you.

    I’ve never had a bow blow up in my hands before, maybe I’m just lucky, but I don’t feel like going through that again.  I was just about to put on some broadheads and check them out before season starts later this week. Glad I hadn’t done that.  The arrow blew up into three pieces and the nock hit my brother who was standing behind and off to the side by about ten feet.

    Anyone else heard of limb problems with the new Creed.  I’ve shot Mathews for close to 20 years, they always raved about never needing to shoot split limbs, but I guess there was that much of a demand for it.

    I’m going to get in touch with my dealer tomorrow, to see what the solution will entail. The problem is, that it is a good two hour (one-way) trip to the dealer.  There is one around the corner from my house, but I’m not sure if I “really” trust them, if you get my drift.

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    I haven’t heard of any problems with the Creeds limbs.  I thought mine were cracking, I had what looked like little yellow lines. It turned out it was the paint cracking where the limbs were bending when I was drawing it.
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    Wish that was all it was for me. Dropped the bow off at the dealer yesterday. The guy said that he hadn’t come across anything like that before on a creed. He said that a couple of dry fires had sent some bows back into the shop; but he could clearly tell that hadn’t been the case with mine. Not to mention the destroyed arrow.  He said he hoped to call me in about a week or so to come pick it back up. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later.

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    Yeah sorry to hear that.  I hope you got the warranty on it unlike me. I bought mine off my friends dad after he only shot 10 arrows through it.
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    I purchased a brand new Creed last week. I have been shooting it a good bit to get a better feel for it and to finish sighting in my single pin sight. Today i was practice shooting (was supposed to be hunting in the am). I got to about half draw and the damn thing blew up on me. Both bottom limbs flew off and the string smacked my forearm. The bow has definitely never been dry fired. I’m thinking one of the bolts that held the limbs together either came lo0se or broke off completely. Unfortunately I cannot find the limbs, they flew into the woods. Anyone else have this happen????
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    Today it happen to me. Less than 50 shots. Oh and never dry fired that’s ridiculous do dumb asses really do that. I’ve been shooting bows for like 36 years. Year in and out never dry fired one or even thought about it. Never had one blow up in my hand. Still think my wrist may be broke. 

    What at did the dealer do replace totally?

    Not sure I even what the creed anymore I wonder will Mathews replace with something else?

    Let me know


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    robert j

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    2013 creed 70lbs 29.5 draw bottom left limb de laminated two weks to repair under warrenty . 2015 htr 70 lbs 29.5 draw 1 week old bottom right limb made a poping sound and with a cotton ball found that limb had started de laminating . new the poping sound from the creed . so the sound clued me in for what to look for . things happen out of ower control . and when we are not in control thats the scary part for me. i also have 60lbs lx at 29.5 /30 can not remember off  the top of my head on draw length right now . but only had to change sting /cable on that bow solid limbs on lx. 70lbs browning back draft split limb . only had to change strings cable on that bow never a problem with the limbs . i also have a person z bow duel cam my brother was shooting it and the tear drop came of the steel cable and sent the string across his face at full draw no cut but a good whip mark across his face . all bows have the potential to break and do us harm . think of a high powered rifle just mear inches from your face if the chamber ruptures from the wrong round or defect in material what the out come might be. so i am sorry to here what happened but its just the nature of the beast .
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    Just had exact same thing happened to me on my 2013 creed. I’ve had it two years no problems but I was shooting it to get ready for the season October 1st and the bottom limb broke at half draw. Took it to scheels on Sunday (dealer I bought it from) he contacted mathews Monday.  They are replacing everything but he couldn’t give me much of an eta on when the parts will come in. Season starts in one week so I’m hoping it’s before that I’ve already taken time off work. Anybody know when I can expect this thing to be ready to go? Does mathews usually get the parts to the dealer pretty quick?
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