Creed is in!!!!!

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    Finally got my new all camo Creed yesterday…..went with a HHA XL-5519 single pin sight…Mathews edition QAD drop-a-away rest…Mathews T-5 Quiver…Ktech T5 GRIDLOCK Stabilizer…red accessories…G5 1/4″ peep sight…pine ridge red nitro sling!! here are some pics i managed to take today working on sighting it in. at 20 yards first five arrows had a 2.5″ group!! can’t wait to finish it in the coming days!! shots like a dream!! :D ;) :X
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    That looks like a Stiffy Sling ? How do you like the Mathews QAD rest ? I heard people say they were having clearance issues with the top bar on the rest?
    I’m still waiting for my Creed to come in, it’s been 5 weeks now [-o| [-o|
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    Yea I’ve saw them online thru various sights but it is a Pine Ridge Nitro sling and I’m still getting use to it and trying to find the perfect angle that fits my are nicely….I actually like not using a sling :-S Oh man i love it its my first QAD and couldn’t have picked a better choice!! so far I’m not having any issues and I’m also using a 2″ housing sight that adjust so no issues for me but if i have any I will let everyone know!! Trust me it will be worth the wait when it comes in…I have already started shooting better groups and have only shot it 30-40 times!!!! I have seen alot of people had to order theirs my local mathews dealer had several on the shelf in camo and two of black and two of the tactical. hope all of this helps! :D :thumbup
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)