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    I can’t get the bow to paper tune. Did the walk back but I can still see the arrow corkscrew in flight. The tear is an 1 1/2  tail left. Funny thing is, my heli’m does it too…what gives???
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    The two most common causes after bow is properly setup are:
    – Bow Hand Torque.
    – String pressure on the face.

    First step is to verify fletch clearance.
    Second step is to verify rest timing.
    Third step is to adjust idler lean so that the string comes straight off the idler and the idler is up/down at full draw.

    Set Centershot to 13/16″ and nock at 1/8″ above perpendicular. Start paper tuning at those settings.

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    I have found that when I paper tune bows at the shop that the ones that I have the most trouble with are the ones that are much too long of a draw for me.  The longer the draw, the more likely I am to get a left tear.  Shorter draw length bows and ones at my draw length offer little problem.

    Just a thought.  Any possibility your DL is too long?

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    Here is my suggestion(s):

    1.  Left tail tear usually indicates an arrow that is too weak, or weak spIned for the specific bow.
    Causes: arrow too long, static spine of arrow simply too weak ( for instance, shooting a 400 spine arrow on a 70lb draw weight bow, etc), arrow point too heavy for arrow.

    More often than not though, you are torquing your bow hand.  Here is a tip for you. Shoot 3 arrows with your normal grip through your paper tune jig, then, shoot 3 arrows through the jig while touching the tip of your bow hand thumb to the tip of your bow hand index finger.. Typically a left tear archer will see the left tear go away that simply.

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