Creed and what Arrows?

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    Hi all – new to bow hunting – Purchased Creed and just love it. When I picked up the bow and had it fitted I was not sure what arrows to purchase for hunting so I picked up a dozen Beman ViBrake ICS Hunter 340 9.3 gpi and 100 grain field points to start out with. The bow is set at 60 lb draw and 29″ DL. Arrow cut length without knock – 29.25″

    I am curious as to what you would recommend for an arrow for hunting or is this arrow just fine. What 3 blade broad heads would you recommend?

    I am going to hog hunt in Texas in a few months and then deer/hog in the fall.

    Your insight is much appreciated.

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    Based on my experience, I’d say that arrow looks good in terms of spine. For your hogs I would recommend TrufireT1s, QAD Exodus, or Steelforce Phatheads. :thumbup

    Maybe think about 125’s.

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    I have a very similar setup but 30″ draw, and very similar Easton Axis 340s. I would stole recommend 125 gr. points also. I shoot tight point Shuttle T-Lock broad heads for deer and hogs. I shot a big buck in WI this year and broke both front shoulders with the shot and almost got a pass through, so penetration was excellent with that combo.
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    Thanks for the input. For now I will remain with my 340’s and try 125g heads on a few to see how they fly.


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    You could take a look at Easton Full Metal Jackets i think they would hold up good hog hunting and i like to shoot the montec G5 125gr. they are a tough broadhead and easy to sharpen for the next hunt. Just my opinion though.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)