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    I am looking to purchase a new bow press. I have looked at a bunch. The difference in price is remarkable. I have noticed that many of the presses only have a singe point of contact on the limbs. One that doesn’t is the Ave H3 Vertical press. However, the top of the “fingers” wraps over the ends of the limbs.

    I was told that on my type of bow the press needs to are off the caps on the ends of the limbs. I have an MR7.

    2 questions. 1) Was I told correctly ? and 2) would anyone care to share key characteristics about a bow press that I should consider when purchasing one?

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    Simply put, I would buy the last chance EZ press green. It presses from the limb tips and in my opinion is the only way to go.
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    I just got Last Chance’s EZ Press Green and Bow Vise  It will do everything I need very well.  That is once I figure out which way to twist the cable and string to get the results I am looking for.  It it easy to use and very well built in the USA.  My only issue is Last Chance gives zero in the way of operation instruction sor even hints.  They say go to there website and watch their instructional video.  It by no means has any instructions.  It is just a commercial that says but one.
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