Conquest Triumph-why only one year production

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    Was curious as to why the target Conquest Triumph was only a one year target bow. Others have last for several years. Did it just not sell well to the more traditional target archers or was is a poor performer/desgin?


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    The web site says only it was limited to 2009 production (see the discontinued bows section)

    But I ordered one in the October 2010 time frame. Was never delivered — I ordered a 65 # 28″ camo bow.

    Finally canceled the order about April 2011. The next week, they had a target color Triumph arrive in the shop — not camo and not with 65# limbs.

    Then in the following November 2011 release, there was no longer a Triumph on the current bow list. It had been discontinued.

    There had been some problems with the earlier Triumphs — not sure of the details.

    I bought one used and am pleased with it. I’ve been shooting parallel limbs with little to no handshock — and the Triumph is in that venue.

    Personally, I like the 80% let off cam. The guy I bought from preferred the 65% let off cams on his bows.

    If you look at the discontinued bows section and select the Triumph, you will find two articles, one by an English archer and one by a South African archer.

    Also see Martin Damsbo win gold using the Triumph at the following link on YouTube … ata_player

    I am shooting Easton Full Bores with 150 grain Easton nibs out of mine and thy are flying well. The hole in the target gets wallowed out more as a result of my imprecise execution than due to issues with the bow.

    Not planning on selling mine any time soon.

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    I had one and was just never satisfied. I always felt the bow never shot as well as it should. Maybe my fault, who knows. Plus it was a heavy sucker which I usually don’t mind. It was very noticeable rigged up for 3-d.
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    Love my Triumph. Took alittle getting used to going to it from a C4 but after I did I shoot it better than any bow I have owned. :thumbup
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    I bought a used one as well , and I love it , i even use it as my hunting bow because the normal hunting bows are to small
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    February 22, 2013 at 9:38 am #563923 Back to Top REPORT

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    Bad LIMB POCKETS is the reason. it was a hit or miss if you got one that was right. I once owned one and now use my 2009 Monster for 3D.
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