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    Looking at getting a Matthews Conquest 4 with the Minimax Cam, but I want to make sure that this cam will get to my draw length.  My AMO draw is 29.25″, and my exact True Draw (knock groove to the throat of the grip) is 27.5″.  Anyone shooting the minimax in the Conquest 4 who can verify that I can get to this draw length?


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    “My AMO draw is 29.25″, and my exact True Draw (knock groove to the throat of the grip) is 27.5″.”

    Minimax cams DL runs from 24-29″ according to the specs page for that bow.
    With the addition of a D-Loop — the bow should fit you perfectly.

    I was surprised to see the image above on the site depicting the DL as from the bottom of the nock groove at the string end (which is normal) to the “back” of the riser.  Perhaps erroneously, I had thought the measurement went from the string (as depicted above) to the deepest point of the grip on the “front” of the riser. (and adding 1 3/4″ for ATA) definition. “Front” being defined as closest to the string.  (And the image above may in fact be depicting just that.  Just other images have depicted it as to the pivot point with one segment and with a 1 3/4″ segment added on.)

    My 28″ DL measures from the apex of the string to the tip of the arrow rest right at 26 1/4″  (the tip of the arrow rest is in line with the berger hole and the deepest point on the grip.  Add in the 1 3/4″ and it comes out at 28″.  If I shot without the D-Loop, I would need the DL set about another 1/4 to 1/3 inch longer to make the bow fit me.

    Yes, I know the D-Loop is not included in the measurement of the DL.  But, I want the bow — as set up — to fit me.  One way to adjust the bow’s “apparent” DL is to adjust the D-loop.

    Also if you read the tuning guides closely — you can tweak a bow’s DL just slightly by adding or subtracting twists in the strings and cables — certainly enough to deal with 1/4″.

    NOTE:  This is a theoretical answer — rather than what you really asked for which was first hand knowledge of this particular bow with this particular cam.

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    I shoot a 5/8″ D-loop.  Using the 5/8″ loop I set up with a 27.5″ True Draw.  I break down the total draw into two parts….true Draw plus Loop length.  My True Draw does not change, but loop length can change depending on the release I am using.  If I switch to a release with a longer neck, I shorten my loop length a tiny bit, and if I am shooting with a shorter necked release I lengthen the loop a touch.

    I always measure my True Draw from nock groove to the deepest part of the grip.  On most bows this is the center of the rest mount hole but not always.  I use this measurement because it is a consistent measurement in every set up I do.  I feel it is an easier measurement to refer to.  Add 1-3/4″ and you got your amo draw.

    I had a Conquest 4 w/minimax cam tested on a draw board today and the stock measurement came out at just about 27-1/2″, which will be perfect.  I can tweak strings to get my exact draw.


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