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    I recently obtained a new RER recurve and some new arrow shafts. In order to tune the recurve I installed a arrow nock and weighted point. I shot the arrow that went into the target leaning hard left indicating my spine was too weak. I slowly shortened the arrow until it entered straight in. Cut almost 3 1/2 inches off the shaft to get it tuned. I will now fletch them.

    Now, the recurve is shot off a shelf and the only adjustment is arrow spine or string nock height.

    On my compound I shoot a QAD rest that adjusts left and right and some up and down. If I buy a new set of arrows and try to shaft tune them for correct spine strength, I could also be dealing with the rest being out of adjustment. So, should the rest be tuned first with fletched arrows, then tune the shafts to spine length? I have tuned my QAD rest by the walk back method and it was brought into line. I stripped the feathers off an arrow today and shot it finding it leaned to the left a little indicating the shaft is weak or could it be the rest is out of adjustment……what comes first the chicken or the egg?

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    Tune those Muzzys and you’re good to go.
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