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    What do you guys think about this one???? Can’t figure out what critter this is. Looks more like a wild dog to me.


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    I saw another one of these critters on a show and it was in Texas. Looks pretty much like this one and they pointed out several differences in the anatomy that it was not fox or a yote. The DNA testing that was done showed it was a hybrid of a wolf and something else( sorry I don’t remember). But even that didn’t make much sense since most hybrids can’t breed and make more hybrids that all look the same. They have been seen in several places now around Texas and the south.
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    Looks like a wild Dog sort of like a boxer or massive in the face
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    All I know is that if CNN was going to hand-pick the look/sound of the person they would want to portray as a hunter of the ‘elusive’ chupacabra, that guy is IT!
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