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    Hello everybody I am looking for changing my stabilizer. I am shooting a Apex 8 60# 30,5″. I dond(t which one to take between :
    – Bee Stinger Premier Plus in 30″
    – Doinker Elite Supreme in 31″
    – Doinker Fatty Elite in 31,5″

    In your own opinion wich one would be the best?

    Thanks a lot

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    I just went from a 30” to a 36”. The longer stabilizer seems to help me hold steadier. I use a Bernie X-rod.
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    i have a 30″ B-STINGER on the front of my triumph,16″ side bar. i think the b-stingers are the lightest,so the weight you put on the end is where it belongs,at the end, and not thru the rod itself.
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    Thanks for sharing information. Actually I had also the same question in mind for a long time anyways you started this thread & I am so happy.
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