Chill Tactical "Top Cam Noise"

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    Age: 35
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    I have a Mathews Chill Tactical.  I noticed a few weeks ago when I would start pulling string back I would hear a grinding noise, like sand in bearings in the top cam.  I took it to my dealer and he tried to oil the bearing to get the noise out, however it did not work.  He ordered another cam and went yesterday to have the new one put on, and the new one is even making the same noise.  I even picked up a new chill off the rack, and that one was doing the same thing.  I know that when I bought the bow it had no noise what so ever.  The noise is only in the first quarter of the draw cycle.  You guys that have a chill do you hear a grinding noise in the top cam the first quarter of the draw cycle?  

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