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    Center Punch

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    Chill 60lb 28in shooting gold tip xt hunter 7595 Qad ld pro set to reach full up 1/8 before full draw.
    Are you finding better performance with nock level or slightly high? If high where is a good starting point?

    Kinda stinks I am fighting a shoulder injury so I want to be pretty close before I even start to tune I want to shoot as little as possible before season or I may not have one . Thanks

    2013 Chill React sight Qad Ld Pro
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    Clay Allison

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    Because the Chill is a two cam bow I would start with a level nock. As long as your cams are in time you shouldn’t have nock travel like a single cam bow tends to have. I have never taken the time to actually bare-shaft tune my arrows, but it is probably something that should be done before attempting to paper-tune the bow. (Just food for thought)
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)