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    Eddie Kelley

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    I have to turn my cock vane out to clear my cable on my Chill. If I try to set up like on all my single cam bows cock vane up not near enough clearance. Just wondering if this correct and if this is how the Chill is made I know the cam lean is different than on the single cam bow or no cam lean.


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    Bow Drawn

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    Yes with Blazer high profile type vanes I’ve slightly turned my nock so my cock vane is at the 1 O’clock position making my inside lower vane clear the cables and rest on my MR7. I’ve read where some turn the cock vane to the outside to clear the rest as well.
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    I have my cock feather turned slightly to the 1 o’clock position to get total clearance of all.
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    When I demo’d a 70/28 Chill, I shot it with Blazer cock vane down (prong-style rest) on a .300 spine shaft and had no contact issues. The Centershot was just outside of 13/16″ at 54/64″ with a 3/16″ nock height. Bow was in spec, timed, tuned and shot tight group at 20 yds.


    Fletch contact with the cable is a symptom of a problem. I recommend finding the problem and fixing it. Weak spine is one possibility, especially if the bow is tuned to an arrow that doesn’t nock with the stiff side of the spine up/down; bow hand torque is another. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

    If it is not any of the above, next thing to check is limb alignment, cam lean … something a dealer can do.

    … hope this helps.

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