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    I recently bought my very 1st Mathews bow!  After shooting every other flagship bow on the market, I couldn’t find any that I loved as much as the McPherson Monster Chill!  When I drew it back in the archery shop it seemed like the back wall was beyond solid! And the draw cycle so smooth! When the dealer ordered my new Chill, they ordered it with the wrong draw length module, but said it wasn’t a problem, they had my length module on hand and changed them out upon delivery.  here is my problem, When I draw my bow, I don’t feel that super solid back wall like I did in the shop!! When I hit full draw it just doesn’t feel the same.  am I crazy or could the modules they put on my bow effect the wall??? Not sure if other bows modules are applicable on my Chill, but I’m interested to know if they put the wrong modules on.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    The most likely cause is the cams are not timed right. Take it in and have them time the cams.
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