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  • July 28, 2013 at 9:28 pm #586177 Back to Top REPORT

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    I have been a long time Mathews guy.  Have been looking around for the replacement for my Heli-M.  Shot 3 bows today and I really liked the feel of the Carbon Element.  Compared it to the Creed (great bow as well) and the experience.  The Bowtech was not for me.  Shot nice but did not care for the feel of the riser or the draw cycle.

    The Creed is a bow I could own easy enough but the Hoyt felt very nice.  Was going to shoot just those head to head again this week when a Hoyt guy on AT suggest I try the chill.

    Whats do you guys think about the Chill vs the reezen, Heli-M, and the creed solo’s?  For some reason It did not strike me that the Chill might be an option for me.  I am 43 and starting to back down my poundage and plan do go down to a 50-60 bow this time.  I draw 29.5″.

    Any advice?

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    Go shoot the monster, you will not regret it.
    July 29, 2013 at 12:00 am #586195 Back to Top REPORT


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    I absolutely love my chill,insanely fast,and probably the smoothest dual cam out there.
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    I’m 47 and like you I did not think the Chill was for me but then I shot it , Boy was I wrong I love this bow imo I believe it draws smoother then my Z7. You should shoot it you might be surprised
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    The Chill is a very well made bow, smooth draw, shoulder friendly, nice shooting, but the short ATA was just a little too short for me … string angle too sharp, forcing me to bend my head into the string to get a good secondary reference. Shooter’s preference {#emotions_dlg.typotux}

    I much preferred the Chill over the HeliM and Reezen. I never really cared for the way the Reezens held … just never felt solid to me, but others swear by them.

    I went to a 60# Monster because 70# was getting too much for my shoulder and biceptal tear. With an IBO of 353 fps I really gave up nothing dropping 10# of DW compared to shooting 330 fps IBO bows at 70# (10# of DW = 20 fps arrow speed). You should try the MR-6.

    When dropping DW to 60# and under, I’d recommend the 65% letoff modules for a decent amount of holding weight. This will make the bow more torque resistant and a cleaner release.

    The AVS dual cam can be finicky to tune with cable actuated rests, which can upset the cam synchronization, and make the back wall feel mushy. I could correct the effect of the QAD Ultrarest on the Monster by Creep Tuning. Recently I went to a limb driven rest and the Monster tuned a bullet hole in less than 10 shots and the tune has remained rock solid for more than a 1000 shots. I recommend Creep Tuning any dual or hybrid cam bow.


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    The Chill at full draw will feel more like your other Mathews.  The other bow you talked about.  The cam system may not  be friendly to what you are used to.
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    Its definitely worth shooting!!! Smootest dual cam bow I have ever had the privilege to shoot.
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    5 Rivers

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    I have been really pleased with my CHILL also.   It is a real shooter.   As others have, said it’s very smooth, quite, tunes easy, and plenty fast.   Most importantly it holds good for me and very accurate.   The CHILL is on my personal Mathews all time top 5 list.
    Mathews Solocam and Chill series
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    The chill feels like the sbxt but lighter in my opinion. I have two separated shoulder’s and the chill does not give me any problems drawing or holding at full draw. I am pulling back 60lbs. Go shoot it and let us know. Good luck
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    I, as has been posted here, like the Chill a lot.
    I am a solo cam guy. I have said before that I would shoot a solo cam bow for life. But the AVS – Dyad AVS bows may change my stand on that.
    I do like the MR series of bows….a lot. I would have a MR6 right now if the weight didnt keep me in the grey area of buying one.
    Now, this Chill…wow. I shot it against the Hoyt Spider and the Creed at my local Pro Shop. Loooong story short, I would have walked out with the Chill over all.
    I didnt like the short ATA was about the only thing that kept me from replacing my Drenalin.
    IMHO….the Chill would be best for someone dropping draw weight as your thinking about doing…In a shorter ATA.
    If it is also to short for you…I would give the MR6 or MR7 a look. The specs on a lower poundage MR6 alone would make someone like me swipe my plastic. I may end up with a MR6 yet. But, this fall, if they come out with a chill version of the MR6…oh buddy….I will own it.
    Let us know what you end up with….and pics too please…


    The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind............Fred Bear
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    Count me on a Larger Chill version if available this fall when the new Mathews bows come out. I still like my MR7 and it’s going to be a close decision if and when that day comes. But I want a larger solocam bow too in this coming year’s bow. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_green1}
    July 31, 2013 at 1:09 pm #586569 Back to Top REPORT

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    I will give my 2 cents

    I also currently shoot a Heli m.  Have had it for a year and love it (Prior bows switchback and DXT)

    After looking at the new bows this year and reading about what others ofnthis forum thought, if you were to ask me what new Mathews I would lean towards looking into it would have been the Creed .

    So the other day I stoped in to the bow shop and asked the owner what he thought about the creed and the chill.
    He told me just to shoot them.  The creed didnt impress me to the point I would part with my Helim for it (not saying I dint Like it)

    The chill on the other hand blew me away. It is the smotthest bow I have ever shot.

    To put things in perspective I used my realese and my arows from my Heli m. It was also  the same draw lenghth that my Helim is. (Just thought I would mention this bc I know that alot of times bow shops dont have a huge inventory of bows and dont have time to swap a cam to give you a proper feel for the bow)  The only thing I dint pay attention to was the draw weight I assumed it was #70
    But after I left I started thing about the way it shot and how effortless it seemed compared to my Heli m, I thought maybe it was set at #60

    I actully stoped back today to find out, and it was set at #70 .

    MORAL OF THE STORY ….GO SHOOT A CHILL we can all give our opinions but they are just that. you might be suprised like I was or it might not be for you, but there is only one way to find out

    Helim 28.5 #70 Axion glx micro 5pin Qad ultra hd Axion glx lite 5" Easton flatline doa 27"
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    Go shoot the Chill and bring your checkbook. It’s that good.
    July 31, 2013 at 6:14 pm #586601 Back to Top REPORT

    Age: 46
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    I second everything here, I am also 43 with a shoulder issue.  I went from the Z7x to the chill after shooting 5 arrows.  I actually picked it up yesterday and love it.  I’m shooting it at 55# with a QAD Hdx rest.  Axion gridlock 5 pin,  K-tech 5 stabilizer, and Cx mayhem hunters.  2 blade Rage 100’s.  Oh my DL is 27.5
    July 31, 2013 at 6:15 pm #586602 Back to Top REPORT

    Age: 46
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    The other thing I did was put on a Schmidty Specialty String and cable right away.  They are great!  No stretching like the factory strings.
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