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    I am a first time mathews owner!  I have a ZXT 60# 29″ DL with a Whisker Biscuit.  I like to tinker so I am starting with the centershot.  The rest places my arrow vertically at the berger button.  Now, horizontally I have read that I should start with the arrow center 13/16″ away from the inside face of the riser.  Done..If I load an arrow with this setting the arrow looks to be pointing slightly towards the riser (right hand bow).  If I stand the bow on its cam and look down from the top aligning the limb bolts the arrow does appear to be pointing to the right (or towards the riser).  Is this normal???  I will paper shoot it tonight.
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    Welcome to Mathews family. I have a rh 7Z extreme and my centershot is up 13/16″. I have a ripcord red arrowrest on it. When arrow loaded, it looks pointing very slighty to the to the riser. My bow shoots well fieldpoints and broadheads att 40 ydrs.  How did your papertune go?
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    I have been shooting for 25 years, with good success in the field and the paper tune I just did taught me something.  My grip has more to do with my paper shot tear than my rest does.  I can set the centershot to center of the limbs (slightly over 13/16) and depending on ever so slight variations on how I apply pressure to the bow handle with my hand I can get a slight tear left or a slight tear right.  I have read all the articles over the recent years about how to grip the bow and I still have an issue with it apparently.  I attached a reference to the back of my sight that gives me a visual reference with my aiming pin when I shoot….  this allows me to see any torque off nominal while I’m aiming.  After shooting with this for a while I should develop a more consistent grip (or lack of grip!).  My walk back looks good out to 50 yards, but like many of us on this forum I am searching for perfection! Thanks
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)