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    Okay among the light year times light year of changes ,I am thinking of getting some carbon express {#emotions_dlg.eusa_think}{#emotions_dlg.eusa_think}
    Mathews Creed ,70 lbs 28.5 dl Spot Hogg Seven deadly pins ,Scott’s release aid Easton N Fuse 300 arrows ,100 gr points Blazer Vans .Bad News 12 inch Stabilizer.GOLD TIP 55/75 blazers.Jim Fetchers Meta peep .
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    Gold Tip man myself. :)
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    Either way get the right spine and you’ll be light years a head and pleased with what ever you shoot.
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    Carbon Express are good arrowsbut, you pay a lot for the BuffTuff, Dual Spine Weight-Forward,  Diamond Weave, Bulldog Collar and other ‘technologies’ that don’t make them shoot any better or more durable than some other Manufacturer’s arrows, IMHO. The only thing I see worthwhile is the guaranteed spine consistency and rating, which is an important factor in accuracy.

    You’ll need a spine tester to determine if CX delivers what they claim…or any other manufacturer for that matter. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

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