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    Hi Guys
    Anyone using the carbon express maxima red arrow?
    I am thinkin of trying them, I shoot a chill at 70lbs 29″ draw length, 28.75″ arrows.
    Wondering if they are worth the money?


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    Nope, they make them up to a 350 spine model or .342 spine deflection and I found that deflection too weak and need a .300 spine to tune broadheads. If you do their chart exercise for Adjusted Bow Draw Weight you’ll be using a 81# draw column and the 29″ arrow column. Their chart puts you in a 350 model but it is too weak.

    Too me I’d recommend using the second one I listed here for you and see how close your setup is to a 450 model or a .300 spine arrow.  I think the transfer of energy the Monster series bows deliver into the arrow is bumping most hunters into the higher level column for proper arrow selection.

    Gold Tip arrows has an adjusted draw weight section on their web site and basically is saying something similar about using a stiffer deflection. The modern bows are delivering that much greater efficiency and it changes the arrow selection chart for those archers.

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    Nope, tried shooting them out of my ZXT with the same wt and draw that you shoot. They just refuse to group as good as my Easton FMJ Dangerous Game. Going back to a stiffer spine heavier arrow. Just ordered some grizzlystik 250 to try out.

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    I have had good results with the reds. Shooting the chillR, 29″-65#, fixed blades of several kinds shoot to exact p.o.i. as field tips. No complaints here. I have had  the same results out of my magnum and the creed I shot last year.
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