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    I’ve just become the proud owner of a beautifully engineered work of art called an apex 8, 2010.

    Only problem is that its the wrong draw length, its 28″ and I’m usually a 29-1/2″ (on bowtech anyway).

    So in my quest to find a cam the right size, unfortunately outside the USA, I need some information.

    Is the cam on the apex 8 the same as the cam on an apex 7 ?

    The current cam on my bow just says   ” apex 28″, there is no extra part number or other information to distinguish it from an apex 7, unless apex means apex 8 and apex 7 has apex 7 written on it.

    None of the dealers keep these on the shelf, so if they order one in and it doesn’t feel right its non returnable, I can try their used ones of which they have limited sizes and its only $20 to fit which I think is great.

    I guess I need to become educated in apex 8 cams as they appear on the forums though.

    hello from Australia
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    Apex 8 is the same cam as the apex. Apex 7 is its own and will say apex 7 on the cam.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    The Apex8 is just a newer version of the Apex. The cam is the same on an Apex/Apex8 and Apex7. However the draw listed on the cam will not be correct if you use one on the other. There is a 1.5″ difference between the Apex8 and Apex7. If you need a 29.5″ draw on an Apex, you could use a 28″ Apex7 cam.  My draw is 26.5″ and when I shot the Apex7’s, I had 28″ Apex cams on two of my bows. The only one that had a 26.5″ Apex7 cam on it was the one I purchased new.

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    Thanks that makes it simpler if I can use apex 7 or apex cams and just calculate the extra 1.5″ in as there is a larger amount of cams in the shops if the only difference is calculated draw length rather than model specific.
    hello from Australia
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