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    Well since I sold my Helim and ordered a Creed, I’m alittle impatiant and another 1month or so waiting on it would have made me go nuts, So I bought a ZXT today and actually am really enjoying it….groups are tighter and I’m really impressed by it…I shouldve gotten a Z7X instead of the Helim…well I might be cancelling my Creed order and just sticking with ZXT for the year.

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    Nice!!! I love buying new bows Good luck and happy shooting
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    Had mine since the 5th. Love it. Just robin hooded with it a couple nights ago. Good to see some others with one.
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    Sweet!!! Can’t wait till mine comes in.
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    Why did you sell your HeliM?

    I’ve been debating between the Helim and the ZXT… Obviously price plays a factor. I shot both and am leaning towards the ZXT right now. I LOVE how light the Helim is though.

    Just curious to hear your thoughts on the Helim.

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    I shot a ZXT today. I was very impressed with this bow. I didn’t think I would care for such a short ATA bow.
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