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    I have a drenalin and my draw length on bow feels short. So getting a different cam. So my question is will any Mathews cam work or does it have it be a drenalin cam. I’m new at this all. Thank you
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    The cams are specific. Some may be the same but you cannot just use any cam’
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    What will be certainly posted soon is the term, Frankenbow. You should be prepaired to change string and cable length in order to make a different cam work with your bows specs. It can be done, certainly. But why? Mathews has cams availble to change your draw length on a Drenalin. Your best decision is to stay cam specific.
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    Since you are new to this, I’d recommend you get a Drenalin Cam. Your Drenalin was engineered with that cam. If you chose another cam, like the DXT or EZ7 cam, it might work, but it also might have excessive vibrations.

    If you get a new Drenalin cam through an authorized Mathews Dealer, you will get a Limited Lifetime Warranty with the cam. Often, dealers don’t charge labor for parts you buy through them. I’d recommend you visit your authorized Mathews Dealer and have your DL checked, then discuss price on the correct DL Dren Cam.

    Otherwise, you can find a used Drenalin cam on Archery Talk Classifieds for $45~$60 shipped to your door. Check with your dealer to see what the labor cost would be to install it. Often, you are ahead by buying new after factoring in the labor to install an unwarranted, used cam.

    … hope this helps.

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    I just went through gettng a new Drenalin cam…
    I am going to give my Drenalin to my brother…so, I needed a shorter draw length cam for the Drenalin…He is 28″ draw…shorter than my 29″.
    I asked the local pro shop and in short..I recieved the same explaination you just read from gjarcher….If you care about a warranty you should go through a pro shop/dealer. If not you can find them on the internet through places like ebay and other archery forums.
    Anyway, I was told they could get what I needed. And, they happend to have the cam on site..Score! They didnt charge me to change out the cam. The cam cost me $30.00

    You need to put a Drenalin cam on your Drenalin….you will mess up a great bow if you don’t {#emotions_dlg.mathews_shame_on_you}

    Good luck…{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}


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