Caliber ?????????????

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    I have had all of the above cals. I love my .300 WSM out of 17 deer shot with it I have only had to track one of them, 16 drop in their tracks. shots range from about 40 yards to about 375 yards. I missed one at 640 yards held A little to high, shot went just over the top of the deer. The one I had to track took 3 shots and still wasn’t dead when I got to him tough deer. 1st shot hit front of brisket, 2nd was high lung, 3rd was right behind shoulder, all 3 shots was at a running deer.

    so if you can handle the recoil of the .300 WSM its the way to go, it will handle all the big game on North American with the right bullets.

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    7 MM MAG :thumbup
Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)