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    I build my own……and I build arrows for hundreds of people a year…..not as much this year as normal because someone else took over my arrow room this year :p
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    I find building arrows peaceful. I just wish I could afford to buy all the shafts I want to try out :mad:

    Isn’t that the truth!

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    Yes, I do everything including cutting the shaft with my home-made “Dremel tool” saw.

    I find that building my own arrows is a religious experience.

    To me, shooting an arrow that I didn’t build, would be like shooting factory ammo out of one of my rifles.

    Kev [=}=]

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    I love it – it is a fun hobby.

    I am currently making up some target X-Cutters for indoor 3D.

    I thnk Santa will have a Cabela’s arrow saw under the tree for me. :thumbup

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    Dubya D

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    No, not yet…I’m new to the sport and haven’t purchased
    the equipment yet. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions.
    Can’t wait to start. :bigdrool
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    i do everything except cut them. i dont have an arrow saw :cry:

    same here.

    it’s very rewarding, especially when you harvest any game with them. [=}=]

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    Both ways; but, I prefer to do my own except the cutting. It’s hard to justify the price of a good saw.
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    I’m fixin to start doing my own, just as soon as I get to open some of my Christmas gifts :D
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    I enjoy building arrows just as much as shooting arrows!!!! :thumbup :thumbup
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    I only bought my first dozen of arrows with my first bow. Ever since then I’ve been making my own. :thumbup
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    I build my own!!!! :thumbup
    The shops I deal with do a crappy job in my opinion!!!!
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    I like doing my own. :thumbup
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    I like building my own. I really like to build a product and see how well it performs.

    G5 ASD is a must!

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    I have found when building my own, the arrow weights are much closer with finished arrows. Within 1 grain or so instead fo 10. I think this is because i clean the insides of the shafts out by pushing some patches through and using a minimal amount of glue.
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