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    I was just wanting to see how many of you do. I was thinking of trying it out sometime but i don’t know what to do..
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    i do everything except cut them. i dont have an arrow saw :cry:
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    Won’t let anyone else do it. :thumbup


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    Jeff K in IL

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    I don’t have an arrow saw right now, but I will. Other than that I put wraps and fletch my own arrows! [=}=]
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    Yes :thumbup
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    I find building arrows peaceful. I just wish I could afford to buy all the shafts I want to try out :mad:
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    I do my own, because I fletch mine with feathers, and most arrows don’t come with feathers, plus it’s cheaper doing it yourself.
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    no, more like a not yet….this is my 1st year bow hunting so my money went into preparing ym bow for the upcoming season. afterwards im going to buy a bitz and learn to wrap and fletch my own, i see the pride alot of you folks here take in doing your own arrows and its got me wanthin to try my hand at it. [=}=]
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    how do you build them just curious i think it would be fun to know that you made them and you can’t complain about the company its your own fault haha
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    I do my on. Theres nothing to it :thumbup
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    I do mine all by myself except cutting (just can’t see buying an arrow saw to cut maybe 1 dz arrows a year). I found it to be very rewarding when you shoot a deer or other animal, and you took all that time to make the arrows yourself [=}=]
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    whats arrow shafts, vanes do you use? can someone tell me how to make them? does it cost to get the shafts cut to your length or no?
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    It is relaxing and peacefull! I used to build arrows for our shop a long long long long time ago. It is fun and there isnt much to it once you have your jigs set and GOOD glue. I must say saunders npv is the best arrow glue for feathers, blazers or whatever. You can even dip your own arrows. Bitzenbergers are the best jigs but if your on a budget you can get a martin jig for about 39.00. They are plastic but they work well. If you are fletching feathers you need to let your clamps sit longer than on blazers or quickspins. :) If you buy your shafts from a pro shop they usually will cut them down for you at no cost. Good Luck :)
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    i don’t right now, but i’m planning on getting a fletching tool so i can start doing my own. might be a while before i get a saw to cut them myself
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    I’ve only ever bought one dozen pre-assembled. Bought my first Bitz the day after I picked them up and half the feathers were falling off. Never looked back. [=}=]
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