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    What do you guys suggest???
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    hard to beat the 3 bladed Rage!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Magnus Bullheads
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    I’ve had great luck with Rage 2 blade.
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    I have shot all of my archery turkeys with a regular fixed blade head, and have gotten all of them. I wait for a high percentage shot, and make it count. I just got one a week ago with a Slick Trick Standard…and it didn’t know what hit it….I do, it was my new CREED!
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    I like the Rocket MeatSeeker 2″ 3-blade, it has worked well for me.
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    A head you have confidence in…  I’ve used three different heads over the years and they all have taken birds.  I started off with the NAP Gobbler getter.  The conical head really hits them hard, but the 1 1/2″ diameter is a little small by today’s standards.  I’ve used the 2 blade rage… which opens a big hole and had birds melt.  I switched last year the the 2″ Grim Reaper which opens a bigger hole and is a meat hammer.

    I’ve take birds will all three, I’ve made bad shots on birds with all three…  It really is about shot placement.  If you put it in the right place, you will put the bird down.  If you hit low, outside the vitals, you will have a wounded bird to track.  If you plant the shot on the wing knuckle… you won’t find the bird.  It is a big tough joint and the birds are light enough and the wing moves enough to absorb the impact and stop the penetration…  Avoid that shot if you can.


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