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    Muzzy 100 grain 3 blades for me ;)
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    Thunderheads… If your bow is tuned properly, they will always prevail…. :thumbup
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    i have used both………….

    taken deer with both………….

    will be sticking with NAP nitrons again this year. just a personal preference.

    practice with them……….sharpen them or put new blades on come hunting time.


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    I have shot the rocky mountain snypers for a couple of years, then the rage came out which is just a bigger badder version of the snyper, and I have had great results with both………..
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    G5 Montecs 100g and Slick Tricks Magnums. I like the way they fly and both are deadly. Some have difficulty sharpening Montecs, however.
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    I carry G5s in my quiver,some more G5s in my arrow case and some more G5s in my bow case and when I get a chance to go to the store, guess what ! :thumbup
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    A good question to include might be: How many deer have you killed with the head you prefer? Just because it’s in the quiver doesn’t necessarily mean they have successfully used it to kill a deer. [=}=]

    I’ve used the Rocket Steelheads / Wolverine to take 4 deer and the Sidewinder 100 on two; I was pleased with the result in all cases.
    I really don’t care for the aerodynamics of the typical 1 3/16” three blade head; I’ve taken 4 deer with the style and the blood trails were inferior and recovery distances greater overall than with the mechanicals I recommended. After 20 bow killed deer my advice is use a Rocket Steelhead or Wolverine.

    If you want a fixed head the Slick Trick is an acceptable choice. I used a Slick Trick fixed 1” this fall and it made a great entry wound and left a decent blood trail; the Slick Trick also flies with my field points.

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    I’ve used NAP Thunderheads more than any other broad head since 1989, first 125 gr., then 100 gr. They have accounted for about a dozen deer. I’ve carried AB Sonic Pro 100 gr. but haven’t shot a deer with one. This year I’m trying 100 gr. NAP HellRazors and G5 Montecs – two very similar designs made with different manufacturing techniques. Though I’ve never used a Muzzy, one of my buddies swears by 100 gr. Muzzy 3 blade broadheads – very strong, very good flight.
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    I believe that murphy was a bowhunter,that being said fixed cut at any angle they are always open and if you do your part they should be sharp and on target. Keep it simple but use what works and what your comfortable with,archery is a sport of preferance and no two people use the exact same setup.I have been using muzzy four blade 90 gr for about 7 or 8 yrs I never had a blood trail problem and only had one deer go more than 40 yds. hope this helps good hunting. :thumbup
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    I didn’t vote because I believe either style broadhead, if properly sharp, will do in a Whitetail. I have my well considered, but biased, opinion about
    BHs on larger game. Regardless of style, the blades should be .027″ thick or thicker or they will bend/break. The stronger the tip and ferrule the better, such as titanium or hardened steel IMHO [=}=]

    However, don’t be mislead by the ‘mech. heads don’t need tuning’ argument. All arrows require tuning to get the best accuracy. Mechanical heads may not suffer as much accuracy loss as fixed blades, but they are not a bandaid for a poorly tuned bow (to paraphase one forum member’s excellent observation).

    You should be able to go with either type of BH. However, square both ends of the shaft, square the face of the insert, and spin test the BH to verify perfect alignment (no wobble). Then follow the tuning guidance in this link: … me=Archery

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