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    montecs and rage 2 and 3 in my guiver
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    I went with fixed even though I shoot rage 2 blades. The only mechanicals that I would shoot are rear deployment. Just personal preference. I want a larger entrance than most mechanicals provide. You can’t go wrong with a quality BH.

    No matter what everyone says, you need to use what you feel is the best… that confidence only comes with experience.

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    Slick Tricks for me :thumbup
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    Slick Tricks!!
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    T/C Shooter

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    Rage 2 blades out of a treestand, Magnus Stingers out of the Double Bull. :thumbup
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    Location: Nuevo Leon
    G5s ………..lots of good hunting; no complains.
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    Location: MN
    For mech. G5 Tekan II and for fixed either G5 Montec or Good ol Thunder head
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    Fixed because I only shoot 50#. and…………..we can not use mechanical except on Turkeys here in Oregon [=}=]
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    both…I have rage 2 blades and nap hellrazors in my quiver. :thumbup

    You switch broadheads more than my wife switches makeup…. :p :p :p :^O :^O :hugs[/quote:18s33tt5]

    That’s cause she can’t keep you out of it. :p :p :p :whistle :whistle :whistle

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    One quiver I have is loaded with NAP Thunderhead 100s (best head ever made), and my other quiver is loaded with NAP Spitfire 100s. I love my Thunderheads and the price is right, so I stick with them.

    I also shoot Cabelas Super Mini Lazers. They’re great for the price, but only a few cents cheaper than the NAP Thunderheads. They are basically the same as the Muzzy, so they’re versital and easy to use when I think I’m going to be losing arrows or just want to target practice on some snakes.

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    I prefer fixed unless its a mechanical like the Rage, Tekan, or Snyper. Im anxious to see how my Rage work out this year.
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    Legal Eagle

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    I have always used fixed blades for larger game.

    Stingers are awesome for elk, bison, and other large dangerous game.

    I also used Innerlocks in 125, 115, 100 gr. weights (a better design for the Muzzy style). They have huge cutting circles, and have replaceable blades and chisel points. Plus I can straighten them out to spin right, after they hit rocks. I took a bear with this head in the 125 weight this year already. I will use them (or Stingers) for elk in a couple of weeks.

    I will for the first time this year use expandable heads. One of the best bowhunters I know (manages hunting on very large ranch in Texas) has been using expandables, and is going to be using Rage heads this year. I bought some as well, and I will use them on whitetails and maybe turkeys to see how they work. I will post photos as I continue the “field test”.


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    I use mechanicals on every animal other than elk and pigs.
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    Thunderheads here. I’ve tried others, but always go back to these. They do an awesome job on game. I may try a G5 Montec though, they shoot nice and get lots of praise. The Rage seems interesting and I have two of them, but don’t know if I dare try them on whitetail (just a confidence thing). I wish I’d just stay with one head, but I keep reading all these forums and I run out and try different heads. Thunderheads work great for blood trails and flight. I’ve heard guys say they loose blades, but in all my years I’ve never seen it once. I only shoot 60 lbs and if I hit something that hard my bow doesn’t have enough ke to shoot through it anyway.
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    Used to shoot Spitfires. Last year changed over to Sonic. Won’t ever go back.
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