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    … My fixed blade Muzzies are flying left by 4” to 8”…I have a wild hog hunt this weekend…

    As long as the broadheads group well, move the sight to bring them on target, the pigs will never know the difference. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

    … and the Expedition 7595 (.340 spine) are too weak for your setup. You might try a some .250″ spine shafts @ 30″.[/quote]

    That’s the plan to get me through the weekend but I’ve just learned that I will need to back to the shop to have my bow tuned. Wish they would have done this when I purchased the bow. Or at least set an appointment.

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    If you lived closer, I would help you tune your bow so that your broadheads hit the same spot as field points, or super close. Don’t panic, it is really a simple fix!
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    Sqautch… That’s it! I’m moving to WI. :) Thanks bro!
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    I have the new Heli-m and the Monster MR7. I have a 27.5 inch draw and I am shooting both bows at 60lbs, and I am using Grim Reaper 100grain mechanical broadheads and they are amazing!  the practice broadhead hits the same spot the field points hit.. just my two cents..
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    I prefer the NAP Kill Zone expandable because u don’t have to use an O ring like u do on the Rage.
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