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    Forum Members,

    Good afternoon everyone. My name is Enrique. I recently registered on this forum due to the great amount of information available, and the fact that
    I will be a future owner of a Mathews Bow.

    I would like to start off by saying that I believe this is a great site, and I really admire the support offered by all forum members and their willingness to help those in need.

    Therefore, I am posting this topic in regards to a dilemma which I am facing.
    This past week, I returned a Fred Bear Attack due to my surprising interest in a Mathews :D I have always been fond of the bows, but did not have the financial capability to purchase a new bow. I know some might believe purchasing used is fine, and it is in some cases, but I love warranty and being the first owner of an item. The main issue I am facing now is the following: Hunting season is in full effect here in South Florida, and this means I am now without a bow. I am contemplating purchasing a 2010 bow, but I would also like to wait for the 2011. I know it is a give or take. I have the option of maybe buying a cheap RTH combo, and just use that for meantime, and keep in the long run as a back up. (Please grant me your honest opinion on this matter)

    On to the good stuff. I am interested in purchasing either a Z7, Reezen, or Monster XLR8. Therefore, I am coming to those who have had any experience with these bows, or are current owners. I have a 27″ draw, and I typically shoot anywhere from 60-65 # depending on the bow.

    The other set back is knowing which accessories would be the most suitable for these bows. Therefore, please inform me of what accessories you believe to work well with these bows, and if you have any photos of your set ups, I would definitely be interested in taking a look at them. (Please share photos if possible)

    I am open for all suggestions in regards to this on going battle which we all seem to face quite often with a new bow purchase :D

    I thank you all for the time spent reading this post, and the time which will be spent if you reply. It is greatly appreciated.

    God Bless YOU ALL.

    Best Regards,


    P.S Does any one live in the South Florida area? Thank you

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    Good, classy post. I think the folks on here are a good bunch as well. Personally, I shoot a Z7 and it’s the best bow I’ve ever owned. I too shoot 27″ draw and around 65 lbs. I heard the Z7 draw length was running a little long, so I bought a 65 lb Z7 at 26.5″. It maxes at 68 and fits me like a glove. If you buy a new bow now, like a Z7 or Reezen or whatever fits you the best (let the bow pick you), you can’t go wrong with any of them.

    You mentioned buying a cheap bow to use now and then waiting for the 2011 ….. if you’re interested at all in the 2011’s, then this is probably the route I would go. If you buy a top-end model now, once the new models come out you’ll be wishing you’d waited for one. They’ll probably be tweaked with newer features that increase performance slightly. Either decision you make is a winning one because you’ll get a good bow no matter what.

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    Being that hunting season is going on right now..I would be getting a Z7 as soon as possible. :D AWESOME bow. :X mathews downforce rest, spot hogg hunter hogg it wrapped sight. 808 bowslings. :thumbup

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    I guess if it were me, I’d wait to see what the new bow is. The specs might be something that would work for you. If not, the Reezen and Z7 will still be available.


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    God gives us only so much time on earth, don't waste it. Jesus blood washes sins away, just pray.
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    God gives us only so much time on earth, don't waste it. Jesus blood washes sins away, just pray.
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    I like the qad rest allot. alpine quiver, Flatline arrows, wildthang stabilizer by Diamond, scott mongoose release, rienhart targets, silverflame broadheads, I forgot what else.
    God gives us only so much time on earth, don't waste it. Jesus blood washes sins away, just pray.
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    Bow Drawn

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    Waiting game.

    I’d save some cash and wait to see what is being introduced in 60 days or less. All the bows you listed above are all very nice and all but they will be available when the new lineup is brought out too. To me it’s so close to the newest design bows coming out that it’s time to cool your horses and put the feed bag on. Mathews already made one introduction in the past 24 hours of one specialty bow maybe it won’t be that long now to wait. :whistle :whistle

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    First welcome aboard!

    I would have to wait and see what is coming out for 2011. :thumbup

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    Deere Farmer

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    :welcome to the Forum.

    If your bow hunting season has started, IMO its a little late now to outfit a bow and be comfortable with it. I would wait and see what Mathews comes out with this fall and go from there to see what best suits you. :2cents

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    If you want to hunt this year, get a 2010 model. I just got my Z7 on Wednesday. Its a left handed 27″ draw with 65lb limbs. It took 2.5 weeks since they didn’t have any of the 65lb limbs. I would expect any new bow will only be available in 70lb limbs for a while.

    I used On Target 2 to work out an arrow to match my setup. I’ve got 26″ Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows with G5 Montec 100gn broadheads and Nockturnal nocks.


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    Since it wouldn’t let me add an image until I actually posted, here’s the requisite picture to go with my previous post.

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    Ky. double lung

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    Welcome to the forum! Lots of valuable info at your fingertips on this website!

    I think I would hold out and see what comes out in a couple of months. If I were wanting to hunt now I would look at purchasing a few years older mathews from either a local archery shop or ebay. Lots of good buys out there and most are well equiped and ready to hunt. I have a Mathews Ultra 2 which is a dinosaur compared to the Z7! It fits me like a glove and has performed flawlessly for many years. Good luck with your purchase and your season, let us know what you get!

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