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    I feel the bow mounted range finder should be legal because I recently made a bad shot on a beautiful 8 pointer in the 150 range after using a hand held range finder. If I would have had a bow mounted finder that deer would be on the wall not still running the timber.
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    Legal. A range finder is a range finder. If it helps you make the most lethal kill shot, I’m all for it.

    It’s on my list to get. :thumbup

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    Why not? It should be legal, then up to the hunter himself to determine if he (or she) feels they ethically should use it or not. [=}=]
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    Personally I do not care one way or another. I looked into the Vendetta when I first saw it advertized. After reading about set up and application on their official website I decided that for me, it would be too much more stuff to bolt to my bow which came with alignment issues and interference with other stuff I need to have on my bow. I am completely in favor of range finders, I just don’t want it on my bow.
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    Those who think bow mounted range finders should be illegal probably also think nothing about using fish finders or bait when they go fishing.
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    Not that it affects me either way, but it disqualifies your for P&Y. It would not supprise me if eventually game cams dont disqualify you for P&Y as one state has already made it illegal and usually P&Y follow suit.

    What would prevent one from removing it before reporting your P&Y entry?

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    So where’s the 11 people that think it should b illegal?? Just wondering what their reasons would be. I think legal all the way why not
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    I voted ‘Not Sure’ because I’m undecided.

    On one hand, I hate seeing things get outlawed that could actually reduce the wounding and the “not recovered” rate.

    On the other hand, the purist in me thinks that bowhunting should be a challenge … the ultimate test of skill and senses, man vs dinner.

    It is already outlawed in Colorado, so I don’t really have to commiserate on it. [-([/quote:2sya6h28]

    seriously then why not put away your compound bows and binos and vehicles getting to the place and gps and etc etc etc…..

    whats the diff in having a rangefinder in your hand or on your bow?

    its all about giving that animal the cleanest,effectiant ,quick kill with an accuratlty placed broadhead/arrow combination…thats what we strive for….

    anyways no offence to gjarcher, [=}=]

    pat :thumbup[/quote:2sya6h28]

    I could care less whether it’s legal or not, don’t have a dog in the fight. But there is a HUGE difference between having a range finder that is manually operated and having one mounted to your bow that you can use while at full draw.

    There’s been plenty of times I’ve had to let my bow down from full draw to range a deer because it spooked or moved a considerable distance before I could get the shot off and I wasn’t sure of the range. I’ve also experienced several instances where I was at full draw and a deer I was getting ready to shoot hopped back into cover, and I had to let down to range another deer before it got to the cover.

    They definately offer an advantage over a hand held range finder in a lot of hunting situations, but I’m not going to bash anyone for using it. I’d buy one, but I’d just assume spend my money on other things seeing as how I already got a regular range finder and don’t really want to add another step to my shot sequence.

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    Why shouldn’t it be legal????
    A clean kill shot is what we want right??????[/quote:7doy9b7p]

    Exactly! How many of you out there use releases? I’d guess nearly everybody other than the trad bow guys. Well, back in the day releases were illegal for bowhunting here in Ohio. You had to shoot fingers no matter what kind of bow you were using. Can you imagine that today with the string angle on some of the short ATA bows?

    It's not how far you shoot, but how close you get.
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    I have no issue with it, whatever helps someone be more accurate and make more ethical I’m all for. I don’t plan to use one I’m fine with my handheld rangefinder, but have no issue with someone else using it. [=}=]
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    I wish they were legal here in Ohio, I’d have one. I missed the opportunity to take 2 shots this year because of range finder difficulties. Once it’s legal here, I’ll have one pronto. Oh yea, Legal.
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    :D I don’t really care either way..whatever makes you a better bow hunter…
    having said that although I have been fortunate enough to have take several dozen P+Y book animals I have never officially registered one with them…

    HOWever I do be live we have to have an organization to set standards in bowhunting…
    if there were none…imagine the heat seeking and explosive broadheads…night vision sights..assist draws…multiple arrow shot…stock, fore arm, draw assist…..oh wait the latter is a crossbow :p

    but just my point where do you draw the line…just because an arrow goes down range doesnt mean its bow hunting or archery

    There has to be a standard or it will be abused…simple

    P+Y help set some standards and help keep bowhunting intact…but some of their rules are outdated like the 65% LO…well in the last decade they did accept applications of deer shot with 65% plus and simply added an * [astrix] besides your name…reasonable but throw the rule out 80% let off doesnt make one a better shot in fact a lot of 65% shooters shoot better than with same bow in 80%

    I am not sure about their electronic rule either…in my eyes if you are no less a bowhunter with a sight light or lighted nocks

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    i still dont have one.

    it is only advantageous in one aspect of bowhunting. the ranging part. you still have to get close to the animal, and then make the shot. i dont think this tool makes those two task any easier.

    i guess it DOES hide one of your movements.

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    I think they are great. I dont have one and I’m sure I wont get one because I dont feel like dishing out the cash for something I can only use on my bow when I can take the hand held rifle hunting as well. I think if states want to outlaw these they also need to keep crossbows only for those with disabilities during archery season. Whoever brought up the point with fish finders has an outstanding point as well, they show you where the fish are and how deep and with this down and side imaging stuff it paints a pretty picture for you, I dont believe the vendetta to have a heat seeker on it showing where the deer are so why not!
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