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    The action was fast and furious this morning! Couldn’t get out and put one to bed last night, but we sure picked the right spot this morning.  When the first gobble of the morning sounded off, we were with in 150 of him.  We made a quick dash to get set up and settled on a set up in the corner of this field, about 80 yards from his roost tree.  There were 2 long beards roosted there, but only one was gobbling, as we didn’t know there were two until the made their appearance.  He gobbled his fool head off on the roost, and I tree yelped a few times just before I thought he may fly down.  When I did, he hit the ground….they hit the ground.  Two gobblers and two hens.  As they went silent, my heart sank a little, but I hoped the hens would come to the field.  Moments later, the first hen popped under the fence, then the 2nd, then a big gobbler, and only at that time when the 2nd came under did we realize there were 2.  They came under exactly where I thought they would and were at 50 yards.  Instead of coming up the crest of the ridge to the decoy set up….as usual, they ducked under the turn of the hill.  Boomer handles a gun very well for a 10 year old, but we’ve all been in this situation where you dont where…or if….the old gobblers going to stick his head up.  We got his gun swung a little, and we could hear them spitting and drumming, and all at once this guy is IN OUR FACE at 15 yards. I whisper to boomer, slowly but steadily with out stopping swing the gun and shoot him.  I really didn’t he would pull it off, especially with him so close, if he did get a shot off I figured he would miss with the tight pattern.  He swung, the gobbler perked up, Boomer stopped and aimed, I figured with the adrenaline he would shoot on the swing which would also lessen his chances, but he didn’t!  He settled for a split second…..and I’m telling ya, he folded that bird like a piece of paper! Dropped him like a bad habit! He hit him with a full load right in the face! I’m proud of my little buddy, and thank God every day for my family, for the passion He gave me for the outdoors, and the endless blessings in my life!  We gave thanks together, right there on that log, and its in moments like these that the world just doesn’t seem that bad!


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    Congrats to your boy!  Thanks for sharing a great hunting story.  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Congrats to you both! Well done!
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    thats awesome!!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Always enjoy your stories and seeing your youngsters have success!
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    Congrats to boomer on a fine gobbler! Always good to see the youngsters enjoying the outdoors. Great story from a proud father! Awesome!
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