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    Haven’t hunted white-tails from a ground blind in many years. I’m more of a tree-rat than chipmunk.
    Promised the surgeon and the wife I’d hunt from the ground this year. Shoulder surgeries recovery from last Dec going ok- still seeing the Dr. Had a few problems but can pull 56#s now. Rehab getting old LOL. Still fighting some stiffness and pain but determined to hunt this year.

    Got a couple of spots picked out but they’re about 8 – 20 yards from the deer traffic lanes.
    Have a blow-down in a good spot for cover but it’s 30-35 yards from where the deer hang out.
    The spot that’s 8 yards away has pretty good cover behind but I feel like I’d be shaking paws with them LOL.
    Under 10 yards in a blind too close?

    How close do you guys set-up?

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    I’ve had them at 5 yards from the blind.  As long as you’re careful, those distances should be ok.

    I would also recommend a ghillie suit.  I hunted out of one last year and it was amazing.  I had mature deer at 10 yards and they just stare right through me.  I was never busted once.  It is one of those “secret” weapons that most aren’t aware of…{#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

    The end is near....
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    Ghost blind :-)
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    The Prodigy

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    I started bowhunting in 8th grade and my dad ONLY had me hunting from a blind where deer would routinely be within 5 yards.  Definitely nerve-racking but definitely helped me learn {#emotions_dlg.mathews_laughing}
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