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    Looking for suggestions on a hunting setup for my chill X (28/70) with 75% rock mods. I’ve been shooting black eagle carnivores (350s @ 27.5 inches) out of my creed but have fell in love with the X so its going to be my hunting rig this year. I would like to do a slightly heavier setup for whitetails. So, my question is do I stay with carnivores and drop to a 300 spine or move to zombie slayers and stay at 350s?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    View My Bows When I run your number on the Bow adjusted draw weight chart I come up with 78# or 80#. I run that down the 28″ arrow chart on the BE selection guide  and I see a .300 spine is what you should be considering. Hope this helps. The Carnivore 300 are a very well made arrow and I also like the deep impacts in a .300 spine.
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    Sorry to hijack but how is the durability of the Black Eagle Carnivore as compared to say the Gold Tip XT Hunters? How about spine consistency?
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    I’ve used both and can say that the longevity is similar to the XT Hunters.

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    If i wanted to stay with black eagle i would go with the rampage 300 spine and go with the brass insert, will put you around 450 gr
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    I have 30/70 and shoot Carnivores .300 with 125 gr heads and love them!!!  they are devastating!!
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