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    I still have my SB. In it’s defense old but still got tons of life in it for me. I just put on a new S&C on it and a new rest and new sight and man does it still feel good to draw it back.

    I also own the MR7 and Z7 Mag. I think they are one step up from the SB in draw when comparing the added speed and efficiency of these two bows. I have them setup almost alike and they still impress me to shoot them.

    If you have not been shooting some of these bows go spend some time doing just that and you’ll see what we are saying here.

    The Chill is the newest of the Monsters and it is a very impressive shooter as well. It’s getting some very high feed back on other archery forums.

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    Try a 60lb Chill. With the larger cams the string angle should be close and there’s less reflex to the riser with the same brace height, so it should shoot just as well for you. But the performance will shock you.
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    I need to go try a chill thanks for all the info
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    If I were to get a bow for shooting Outdoor 3d, Indoor line and also hunt with this same bow…


    A  fire breathing dragon….but shoots like a lamb.


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    Just switched from a Drenalin LD to a MR6, second shoot of the year it already has a BHO win. Very impressive groups, great speed at 60 LBS.
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