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    thanks for sharing that information with us.

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    I had a Nikon i5.  $225 It worked just fine except the battery would drain over night starting the day I bought it.  Replaced the batteries a time or two and same problem.  Exchanged it for another Nikon and same problem.  Also, the black rubber started coming away from the plastic with very minimal use.  Also 6x sucks and is a poor choice for a bowhunter.

    Traded for a less expensive Bushnell Primos Truth and very happy.  The Truth is a 4x and I find 4x far better for bowhunting or pretty much any reason I use a range finder for.  ARC is BS, do the math, but it has that also if that’s important to you.  It’s small and works great.  The only thing I wish it had is continuous reading with the button pressed like the Nikon had.  But for ~$180 I think its hard to beat.

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    Bass Pro shop will have the Camo version regular priced at 419.99
    on sale  In store for $299.97 for one day only August 15.
    Leupold RX 1000 with TBR + DNA  Mossy Oak breakup
    item # 2130673

    I’ve been using Leupold RX 1000i  with TBR. Never had any problems with it bought mine when they first came out and before the DNA was added.(mine was 399.99 then)
    Excellent glass
    6 x power
    Red reticle (can see in the dark what your naked eye can see and give you a reading)
    no laser problems
    very durable.
    It is a high end range finder (not the highest end) that can double as a monocular.
    Very small and fits comfortably in shirt pocket.  (3.8L x 2.8 H x 1.3 W )  max range 1000 yd  min range 10 yd

    I’ve changed the batteries twice since I had it but not because they were bad just for percaucion before hunting season.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)