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    I am in the market for a new Mathews, I will only be using it to deer hunt with out of a lock on stand. I was looking at the Z7Xt, but wanted some insight about the other models as well.
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    My Drenalin is still the best one I’ve ever shot [=}=]
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    still shootn my drenalin 2007, kills them as good as anythin new on the market

    good luck if you are lookn for somethin new and improved ????


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    There is no such thing as the BEST Mathews bow. Go shoot all of them and see what fits you the best and most comfortably. :thumbup
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    The one you shoot the best. They are all good bows. Practice, practice, practice….Myself I like the Z7Xtreme. SwitchBack XT and the Q2.
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    Another Drenaline shooter here :thumbup

    I’ve shot just about every new model since, and liked some of them very well…..but not enough to justify buying a new one. I figure I’ll shoot my Drenaline another couple years.

    Hunting buddy of mine has the Helium, he likes it pretty well. Also shoot the bow tech assassin if you get a chance!

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    Shoot all you can. Only you can answer this question. A 15 year old bow will kill’em just as dead as a 2013 bow.
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    Had my MQ1 for 11 plus years, and loved it as a hunting bow. Until I upgraded last year to the Helium. After almost an entire hunting season I absolutely love my Helium. Still pick up and shoot the old MQ1 from time to time, and it only makes me appreciate my Helium that much more!!
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    people still use a long bow and cedar arrows to kill deer with.

    So any modern Mathews bow will do the trick for you.

    Find the one that fits you and you like the way it feels.

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    How many different model bows has Mathews made over the last 20 years? 70-75? I’d say there are about 70-75 ‘best’ Mathews hunting bows, then. I’m sure you can find someone who thinks each one is a ‘best’.

    For me, it’s still the Z7. MQ1 comes in second followed by Switchback and Q2XL. At least those are my fav’s over the years. :thumbup

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    All of them are giving some great advice as to how to find that special bow.

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    I know they all kill deer, but I like to get a new bow every couple years, think im gunna go with the Z7Xt
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    They are all good!!! Go to a reputable dealer, shoot several and choose what fits you best. :thumbup
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    how much would you pay for Bare bow HeliM and Z7XT?
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