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    Slick Tricks out of the choices but I prefer Magnus Buzzcuts or Stingers.
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    Wow :shock: You mean there is somthing other than a Slick trick.
    Creed / TT Smackdown Pro / B-Stinger / GT XT 5575 / Grim Reaper Broadheads
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    Joey B

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    muzzy’s hard to beat
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    Again…Phathead ;)


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    None of the above.

    I don’t know where the count is, but I agree.

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    I don’t even know what brand all of my older broadheads I used to shoot. Never been a big fan of mechanicals. The newer style mechanicals seem to perform well but it’s my opinion that if there is more moving parts to deal with the better the chance that something is going to fail somewhere or be useless after a kill. I shoot Magnus Stinger Buzzcut 4 blades and have never had a problem with my arrows moving on the target after sighting in with field points. I always get passthrough shots on my kills. I have shot out to 65 yards before and can still put a decent group together. I would never shoot at a game animal out that far, I was just messing around with my bottom pin during some free time.


    The only other info I can offer is my best friend shoots Muzzy and he shot his deer last year right through the shoulder blade and the broadhead lodged in the other shoulder blade. The broadhead was all bent up and destroyed but we have determined they need to change their slogan to “Bad through the bone”. lol

    Take care everybody and have a safe and successful season.

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    none of the above

    Well Javi what is the best one?[/quote:1hjtt1sb]

    In my opinion the best BH I can find that is readily available is the Steelforce Phathead.. And to that end, I have retired or sold any other blades in my kit.. The 125 grain and a 175 grain they make for me are the only heads I’ll use until someone can show me a BH that is better.

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    None, I love my Magnus Stingers :thumbup

    Out of the list, I had good success with the T-Locks…….BUT….I agree with above statement :X

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    Steelforce phatheads are the flavor this year.

    I tried them, they are OK. Hated the blade retention ring though. I have went back to Slick tricks.

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    Man,am I the only one who still uses Thunderheads?
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