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    Hi yall,

    I currently have the HeliM. In your opinion , which is the best bow out of these 3 and why?

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    I shot all three last weekend. I liked the creed the best because it was smooth, had a solid back wall and held really well.
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    The one that hits the bull at 60 yards :D :D :D
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    I own a Helium. I’ve shot the Creed alot and also the Chill some. I like all 3 bows. I personally like the Helium the best. Lightweight, draws smooth, holds good and shoots awesome.
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    for me it’s the Creed hands down!

    Just can’t get the feel for dual cam bows and th helium ATA is too short and gives me a Sting angle IO don’t like.The Creed is also super smooth and has no vibration after the shot [=}=]

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    I like the balance of the HeliM best in my hands but any of the 3 would work for me.
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    No such thing as a best bow out of these three. Only the best bow for you. Shot them all back to back, and then decide.

    I just did this, and chose the HeliM. It was a real close call between the HeliM and the Creed for me. I after shot on the Creed is superior to the HeliM. The Creed is the most dead in the hand bow I have shot in a long time. But for me the draw felt better on the HeliM, plus the slightly lighter weight, slightly faster speed, not split limb, and the ability to get a 65 lb draw weight made me choose the HeliM.

    However, You can’t go wrong with any of these three.

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    I went with monster chill.dont tose it to the side because of dual cam.its all its cracked up to be.shot all of them the zxt will really suprise you.the creed is just what they said it would be( great) but I still fell for a dual cam.. my first..good luck..Stick with Mathews and you cant go wrong..{#emotions_dlg.mathews_monster_red}
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    I  went with the chill and I have shot them all….For me the creed was not for me, i didn’t like how it settled into the back wall.  I just felt the chill was better for me smooth smooth smooth
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    Thanks for the replys!
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    Creed is my fav. I shoot mine teally well.
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