Best bow to purchase?

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    Age: 53
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    Location: Florida

    I am considering purchasing a new bow leaving my Switchback XT to either three bows of choice. I have a draw-loc system on my bow due to injury having a lifetime permit in Colorado and 5-years in Florida. Using the Draw-loc omitts the importance of smooth draw.

    I hunt and daily enjoy target practicing, here are the three bows I am considering. Helium, Creed and Chill.

    My priorities in order are:

    Any recommendations or suggestions?

    Respectfully Requested,


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    Age: 64
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    Didn’t have quite the same issue, but I went with the Heli-M.

    Lightest of the three, accurate, and 2nd place in speed category. It doesn’t need a heavy stab to balance IMO.

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    Best way to find out is to go shoot them. Everyone has opinion on which is the best, what works for one doesn’t work for another. You need to do some side by side comparisons and would say do them with your XT there as well, only way to decide which is best for you.  BTW I will say most guys that had and XT and have gotten rid of it for another bow end up regretting it {#emotions_dlg.mathews_wink}
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    Hello first of all, i do not believe you could go wrong with any of the 3 though… If i was you i would probably go with the helium due to the lightweight and smooth draw.. Personally i bought a new chill because i love it but it does seem to me to be alot more aggressive than the creed or helium which i like.. I felt the felt to draw very rough at the start which i didnt like. best thing to do would be to shoot all 3 though… Beat of luck! You will love whichever one u end up picking!
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    I had a switchback and went with the Helim and really like it.  I can shoot the Helim a little bit better and the light weight is a big factor because 90% of my hunting is Elk hunting spot and stalk.  With that being said I really like the draw cycle of the Chill.
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    It should be a simple to find a dealer that will help you decide by shooting each. I would recommend shooting each then wait a day and shoot them again. To me it makes to decision so much easier and usually the retailer will be obliging knowing you will be buying one of them.

    My choice is the Chill. I don’t own it but out of the three it has all you want or mentioned above.

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    Age: 53
    Joined: 4/4/2013
    Location: Florida
    Thank you for your advise,

    The problem is I can’t shoot the bows without the Draw-Loc apparatus. I had a transplant can came out of surgery with the lose of 65% use of my right arm. I had a nerve transfer from my tricep to my Deltoid and have improved use now but not enough to draw the bow back, only if I draw close to my side–forget holding my right elbow up to see through a peep etc…

    So looking to you folks on some advice after pulling the bows back, accuracy, lightweight and speed. Smooth draw doesn’t really mean anything other than hand-shock in the left hand etc…

    Appreciate your help,


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