Baitcasting reels vs. Spinning reels

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    Pretty much just spinning. The only time I use a bait caster is for musky.

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    I have several of each (baitcasting and spinning) (and sizes of each)and use them equally, depending on the bait, conditions, presentation I’m looking for, wind or casting direction, distance from area fished, species, technique, etc. The situation determines the reel. Get proficient with all of them.
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    Depending on what kind of fishing I’m doing

    I’ll use a spinner for small trout, when I’m casting small lures. Usually use a bait caster for trolling, and for most salmon fishing.

    I do use a spinner for some salmon fishing too, but not usually. I just found that I have a lot more control with a bait caster [=}=]

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    Actually… if you are just into fishing… you should learn how to use both. There are times spinning reels offer the advantage. Other times, baitcaster reels will be the optimal tool. Fly fishing will out-fish trad gear in other situations.

    I agree with Gutpile… become proficient with all of them. (Then put them down and get serious with a flyrod! ;) )

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    I gotta nicely backlashed Abu Garcia Ambassador for cheap :whistle[/quote:1085h8ya]

    THat’s not backlash, that’s professional overide.

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    I have 5 weight fly rods for trout to Big Penns for on the bay.

    I assume this thread is more based on Bass fishing because that is where these type rods have the most application. I do use a small spinning rod for trout at times. Mostly in the small streams for brookies when it’s just to choked down with brush and it makes better sense to leave the fly-rod at home and fore-go the frustration.

    Now when I got the bass boat out I rig at least 5 rods each with a different lure and as I’m moving around the situation calls for different lures or presentations I grab the one most suited. Now the lure for me determines the type reel as well as the rod combination. I tend to use the bait casters for the spinner baits and crankbaits as well as the P&J. For the smaller plastics I like a good stiff rod and a spincast. I tend to work an area or structure pretty well with those. I might make a few quick cast and try to get the reaction bite with a Baitcaster and then settle in for working it over with something more suttle on a spinning rod.

    Bottom line at the end of the day, if you covered alot of water with a baitcaster it means I did alot of heavy cranking and I feel it in the forearms. If I spent the day finessing with a spincast I don’t even notice. I associate baitcasters with heavy lures and covering alot of water fast. I associate spincasters with slow finesse work.

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    Joined: 9/4/2007
    spinning if im with the son-in-law.

    any other time i most likely will have my fly rod.

    i like going after gills and LMB’s with a fly rod on ponds………………


    April 16, 2008 at 3:39 pm #519524 Back to Top REPORT

    One Shot

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    None of the above.
    I use a telephone! [works every time] lol
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