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    Wrap the straps outer edge with bacon drizzle with soysauce sprinkle with garlic salt cook on grill until pink inside and eat.for the bacon use toothpics to hold bacon in place.
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    sounds tastey
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    How long are you grilling the backstraps?
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    Sound like the recipe I came up with except I put in a little sesame oil as well.
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    I like removing them whole. Cut each one in half (across them, not lengthwise). When prepping them to cook I put them in a gallon zip lock bag, poor in a good olive oil and your favorite seasoning (try to use something that does not have much if any salt). Zip the bag closed, work everything around the meat. Put it in the fridge over night, or for about 8 hours. Take them out and let them warm to room temp before cooking. Get your grill VERY hot. If using gas put it on high, charcoal make sure there is enough that the temp is up around the 400+ range. Put the straps on and close the lid for 6 minutes, turn them over and repeat. after the twelve minutes remove them, wrap in foil and let stand for about 5 minutes. Open slice and enjoy. should be medium on the inside and a slight char on the outside.
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