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    I am looking for a pack that i can but on the back of my tree stand and hike in. Here is the problem that i am finding with  packs. They only have one big compartment and very few if any small compartments. I don’t mind having a big compartment but i would like to have something with a lot more smaller compartments to be more organized. i don’t like having to untangle everything in the bottom of my pack.  Can anyone point me in a direction? Thanks for your time Jim
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    Badlands ultra day pack. Small screw in step into tree when you get up to desired hight, hang by strap and wrap cummerbund strap around tree to secure. Works awesome!
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    Sitka flash 20… is just what your looking for it is a real good pack plus you can strap your bow to it. It has a lot of different compartments all easy to get to just the right size for whitetail hunting  .
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    Badlands pack all the way. 100% warranted no questions asked. I have the 2800. Its perfect for me in the trees. Small pockets and organization is plentiful and accessible while perched high in the tree stand.

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    I use this pack from LLBean.  I can wear it and put my climber over the top of it (I take off the top pouch).  It is very well built.  It has more room than it looks.  You can strap it on the tree to work out if it.  It’s worth a look.


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    dont they make a pack specifically for tree stand hunters?  i seem to remember one that opens up and actually is made to wrap into the tree exposing all your tools of the trade.

    made my gear (something)..argh.

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    i was thinking about the BowBat XL..not so much a pack.
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    Stay away from blacks creek.  Badlands makes a much better pack and the customer services is top line. 

    blacks creek are too expensive and if you have any problems with them you are SOL.

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    Thanks everyone…
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    You might be interested in the Eberlestock Tailhook. It will open up and hang from your tree, plus carry your bow on your back.

    I have an Eberlestock Slingshot and it is of the highest construction standards and very well thought out for the bowhunter.

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