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    robert j

    Joined: 5/22/2014
    Location: nh
    creed 70 lbs. 30 inch axle to axle 29.5 draw . bow is set at 60 lbs. measured axle to axle at 60 lbs. it measures 29.3/4  does this sound correct turning down poundage shortens axle to axle 1/4 of inch while dropping 10 lbs. .  brace height  is supposed to be 7. inches but did not measure it . I would think that brace height would shorten up also. string is slightly below center of hole. [ timing hole ?] . looking for some in put on this. also wooden grip clicks when drawing bow back if holding bow by riser and use my finger and push on the grip left side  towards the back of bow. wondering if its not coming unglued . I thank you for any help you may give.  thank you Robert j
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    Pa Hunter

    Joined: 5/11/2011
    All spec tuning should be done at max draw weight. The ATA will differ from there once the poundage is adjusted. Assuming the “string(should be cable) is going thru the lower part of the cam orientation window”, this is being viewed with the bow riser down on a table like surface? If so, this is good because as the bow is fired, the cable will “settle” a bit and should end up in the center. As to the grip, some of them came loose, most I saw did not. Have your shop remove the grip and put more silicone or weather stripping type glue in there, and that should do you!! Shoot straight with a great bow!!
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)