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    I have heard way to many times (specifically in PA) about how the auto insurance companies are ruining deer hunting! They are responsible for the increase in coytoes. They are responsible for increase in doe tags. They are responsible for the Lindberg baby kindnapping! Thoughts???
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    I’m doing most of my hunting on my insurance guys land this year, so I have to say the insurance companies are helping me out. Plus he gives me a great rate on my house that nobody else can touch :thumbup

    I haven’t seen any Lindberg children on the property but I have seen a lot of deer.

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    Don’t think they are here in AK [=}=]
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    Do they have input? Of course! Is it detrimental to deer hunting? I don’t think so. Some years ago, a wildlife officer friend told me that the auto insurance companies were raising **** about Ohio’s expanding deer herd, and the rising number of deer/car crashes. This was when Ohio’s deer population was estimated at 350,000. It is now estimated at 600,000. So they came up with expanded bag limits, and urban deer zones, where I can take up to 5 does if I want to keep buying tags. It seems that the deer aren’t cooperating. And heck, PA could use a little population reduction, especially in those northern tier counties where they have all those runty little greyhounds running around. UH OH!! Now I gone and done it!! :D
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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)