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    I just purchased a new Mathews ZXT and am trying to decide between the 1 piece and 2 piece Arroweb quivers.  I am looking for the most secure (both the arrows and quiver to bow attachment), low profile quiver.  I never take the quiver off and practice and hunt with it full of arrows.  The guys at the dealer recommended the 1 piece, saying that hardly anyone buys the 2 piece anymore.  In fact, they didn’t even have any2 piece in stock.  I would especially appreciate any comments from anyone who has tried both.  Thanks.
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    I like my two piece, best quiver i ever owned !!!! {#emotions_dlg.mathews}
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    Thanks.  Anyone else have any opinions on the 1 piece vs. 2 piece quivers?
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    I don’t have my Creed yet, but I did buy the 1-piece Arrowweb for mine. I have a 1-piece quick release Tru Glo for my current bow. I like to have the quiver on for a round of 3D because it is convenient and 3D for me is simulating a hunt. But for a long paper target session I like to take it off.

    I will say one thing about the 1-piece; the support bracket is very close to the foam housing, which leaves a lot of arrow dangling down unbraced. I have a 27″ draw so my arrows are only 27″ long, and it still seems like a lot of arrow hanging down there. Still, I like piece one piece. It’s solid, mounts close to the riser , and isn’t hanging off my sight. Looks cool too, and when it gets rights down to it, looking cool is the most important thing.

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    I have a one piece Tight Spot on my Helium. Absolutely love it! It is very low profile and light weight. The 2013 model has a foam free insert. It holds my arrows very securely and because it is foam free it will not dull your broadheads.
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    A good two piece quiver will be quite a bit quiter in most cases as it will be able to hold your arrows at points that are futher apart on the shaft then most one piece quivers can,
    I used to have a removable quiver, but once I used a two piece I won’t go back. I don’t hunt out of a treestand, so that isn’t a problem. The two piece is quieter and holds closer to the bow, so torque is less. I use a two piece and while it can be a pain to have a two piece quiver when trying to work on a bow, the performance in the field is worth it when it comes to western hunting.
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    love my{#emotions_dlg.mathews} T7 Arrow Web one piece
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