Arrow rest adjustments

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    Could use some help regarding adjusting QAD rest for a right handed shooter.
    At 20 yards I have bullet holes, at 30 a slight drift to the right,
    at 40 slightly more to the right, and at 60 about 6″ to the right.
    Which direction would I move the rest to move the point of impact left.
    Shooting field points only at this point.
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    left. check out the technical faq section on walk back tuning.
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    Some things to check before making adjustments to the centershot:
    – Make sure the bowsight reads level when the bow is plumb. If the bowsight does not have a level, double-check you are shooting the bow plumb (up/down) and not canted at an angle.

    – Make sure the pins are in a vertical line when the bowsight reads level.

    – Do the paper tune test at a minimum of two distances … 5′ and 10′. Adjust for a bullet hole at 5′, then move back to 10′ and make very small adjustments to maintain a bullet hole.

    Once the above has been done, do a walkback tune to refine the centershot by following these directions. Most likely the centershot will need to be moved out away from the riser (left) and the sight’s windage gang adjustment moved right to bring everything on target. … -it-44159/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)