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  • November 28, 2012 at 1:31 am #497009 Back to Top REPORT

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    Hey y’all. I need some help with getting the best bang for your buck arrows this year. I’ve narrowed it down between gold tip and carbon express. Ice use gold tip but not extremely impressed. Which is best? What kind? Speed? Accuracy? Thanks a lot!(they will be shot out of a helium)
    :thumbup 8D
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    check out

    made the switch this fall with my MR7 and they shoot great and are alot easier on the wallet.

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    I switched over to the Bloodsport HT-1’s this year and love them!. The HT-2’s are also a very nice arrow and can be used both hunting and 3-D. They are worth a look.
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    :D I used the CX 350’s on 18 or so animals..everything from gopher to moose and they worked flawless…only thing with the Cx arrows is I change/swap over nocks from theirs [which are too loose for my liking] to Easton super nocks right out of the box…


    November 29, 2012 at 4:27 am #542133 Back to Top REPORT

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    I use Goldtip XT Hunters in my opinion an awesome arrow!

    I have used them for about 15 years I would guess.

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    I second Black Eagle Arrows

    Carnivors or Rampage Arrows!!!!!

    Killer shafts :thumbup

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    I took FF100413’s advice, I really liked that I could build my own arrows online and for a semi-reasonable (I should cut the world some slack, I’m cheap, I think everything should be 4 cents including tax :D ) price. I customized my arrows to have a .006 tolerance, which lowered the price. My accuracy may suffer but then again, Native Americans had to make their own wooden arrows and I highly doubt that they kept their arrows within anything close to .006 tolerance and they were excellent bowhunters, so I’ll have to make do. My only question is the whole 2 inch fletch thing? What’s the purpose of these tiny fletchings? What are its advantages over the 4 inch fletching?
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    Beman ICS bowhunters are the best bang for your buck out here :thumbup
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