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    Gary Wiant

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    I askeed this on the technical forums but have not had any replies I’m not sure if no one uses Apex 8’s anymore or if those forums are just slow.

    I have an Apex 8 that should be in this coming week can anyone tell me if the Apex likes a stiff shady or standard spine? My bow will be 60# with 32″ draw. I know my bow will need a touch stiffer since the arrows are so long and spines are measured at 28″. I’ve been spotting a 70# PSE Greak and Ive been shooting 250 spine Black Eagle Maginums but I don’t want to have to do more tuning than necessary if someone can help get me close I would appreciate it.Also if anyone has any tuning tips for the Apex 8 I’d appreciate it also.Thanks in advance

    Gary Wiant 2013 Mathews MR7 70# 32" Camp 2014 Mathews Apex 8 60# Blue Smoke Stan Prostaff
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