Anyone intersted in and 07-08 Kansas bow Hunt???

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    :shock: Those are some very nice bucks!! :thumbup Sounds like a blast, i voted yes. ;)
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    Double Drops

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    Like someone else said, what a incredibly kind gesture! :thumbup

    Being from Tennessee, we see very few Huge deer. So, if you pick TonyParson, you might as well pick me too. We could ride together! (Right Tony? :D ) I actually do not know Tony, but we could become friends on a drive to Kansas, plus share expenses and drive time!!! :)

    If you pick GBBl GBL, since he declined, then I volunteer to come in his place. Anyway, I do hope are able to follow through with this offer and reward someone from this great board with a incredible opportunity to hunt! Your the type fellow who gives hunters a GREAT name! -plink-[/quote:2l6irj7w]

    Hey, don’t forget me. I’m another Tennessee boy!

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    i might be a poor college student but i would give up my beer money to save for a trip like that !!! and thats saying alot to a college rugby player!!!
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    :shock: Wow! Who wouldn’t want to have an opportunity like that?! Awful generous of your to consider doing that, Danny! :thumbup
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    Well I am in the process of planting some new food plots. I have had a food plot in this one area two years ago and on average I would see 40 to 50 deer a night. I may be willing to take one or two people on my own land for a hunt on the upcoming season I was just seeing how many people would be interested

    Ready willing and able. Pick me Pick me.

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    well duuuuh… :shock: ..i caint believe there are any “not interested” votes
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    yes send me the info, and I will bring the cash :thumbup
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    Enter me in the lottery :D
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    yes that sounds great. i’ve never traveled west at all and think it would be a blast to do so with a hunt.

    details would be great

    weather, necessities,clothing requirements and such

    and also

    thanks for the offer, someone will have a blast

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    Thats awesome bro :thumbup
    But I will stick to IL for now until my state ID is no longer good and I will have to get out of state tags and permit then its up for grabs :thumbup
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    Heck yes, where do I sign up??? :shock: :shock:
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    An incredible offer ;) the kind that my two archery buddies have been dreaming about. If you want a completely humorous time, pick me. I’m from Hawaii and haven’t hunted in the states yet, heck I don’t even own any cold weather clothing. :^O We’ve never seen Whitetail Deer and would probably pass out when they got close :oops: Sounds like fun, hope to one day be able to do it…maybe Kansas or somewhere else ;;)

    We’d certainly travel the farthest and pay the most to get there :whistle


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